Thursday, May 17, 2007

Media Evolution 2.0

Books ---> Radio ---> TV ---> HTML websites ---> Email ---> RSS ---> Streaming Music ---> Streaming Video

It seems like everything in media goes around, and comes back around. Rather than each media platform consuming it's predecessor they only seem to encourage growth. The written word was apparently on the outs with the advent of the web. People feared that no one would read books any more because it was too time consuming. It turns out that people actually like reading books, real books. The internet has only helped interested consumers get access to all kinds of books. Radio has been pronounced dead many times and managed yet another recreation online with site like MOG, Finetune, Accuradio, and Pandora. Unfortunately, these sites are under attack from the Copyright Royalty Board. It seems that the Copyright Royalty Board is applying old ways to new technologies. Rather than embrace the potential for massive exposure and revenue growth, the CRB is going to cripple internet radio. It is this kind of thinking that encourages piracy and illegitimate means of communication.
This is a very complex and noteworthy issue, you can get more information on the net radio side here:

Email was to be cast by the wayside with the advent of RSS. In 2007 Email is fast becoming the primary medium of contact for friends, families, businesses, and consumers. It has a 96% adoption rate and isn't going anywhere. RSS has provided individuals tha ability to collect massive amounts of content in one place to be accessed at their convenience. Yes, I understand that this has made for a push button publishing

Now TV is making it's move online. Joost officially launched this week, but not really, and turns out to be well worth the Venice Project sized wait. They just need a Mac platform, come on Joost get in the game. Joost is not the starting nor the ending of TV's new adventure on the internet. Apple, all the networks, YouTube, and countless others are helping to expand a space that will, in my opinion dominate the internet landscape. Today I stumbled on this little guy that has helped to bundle a bunch of my favorites together, RSS, widgets, TV, and streaming content.
Enjoy watching the round and round