Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Will Ferrell Gets It

This is a big week of great discovery. First an iTunes challenger, now a youtube challenger created by Will Ferrell. If this first video is any indication of what is to come, I think I have seen my last dancing meat-head on YouTube.


Eddie V. said...

I agree with you there - I'd rather see a genuinely funny short clip like the Will Ferrell one you posted here, than teh 1000th Ninja or other supposedly funny viral crap.

I actually thought initially that this clip was from Ferrell's new film, but here I found more info on it if you're interested..

really enjoy your blog btw, keep up the good work!

Jelly Man Judd said...

Eddie V,
Thanks for the source on the video, happens to be from the local paper here in Baltimore.
Unfortunately, so many people are watching this video the site is crashing. This is the error message:

Way too many people are blowing off work to look at our videos.
If the videos are slow or missing, your boss wants you to go back to work and try later!